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Animi Wood Workshop

From the Latin root “animus” (soul, mind, vitality), in Esperanto language the verb animi means living. For us, two brothers Evangelos & Dionisis Kalogiropoulos, Animi is the creative journey that began in June 2017, compassing our need for productive expression by using wood as the main expressive material. Wooden constructions and toys are a big part of our childhood memories and these experiential experiences evolved over the years into a desire to create a small family business in the form of a workshop.


Based in the beautiful “harbor“ of Chania on the Greek island of Crete we design and create in our workshop wooden handmade decorative objects and toys. Our goal is originality, the joy of creativity and the effort to create a final product of high construction and aesthetics. Mostly interactive, our creations “wake” the appetite for play to the grown-ups and help children’s spiritual and emotional development through the much-needed gameplay process.


With sensitivity and desire for a controlled exploitation of natural resources, we use timber certified FSC forestry, ecological water based paints and varnishes, natural beeswax and formaldehyde-free glue. The materials and paints we use for the children’s toys construction meet all the European standards (EN/71.3) and certifications. All our packaging is made of recyclable materials.