Decorating is defined as the formation of the living environment of one or more people, through the rules of functionality and aesthetics that must always go hand in hand.

The decorative creations of Animi Wood Workshop, made from natural wood and ecological varnishes and colors, enhance the aesthetics of the space they are placed while at the same time they serve the need for interactive engagement.


Stacking Puzzle Figures

The Puzzle Figure series combines historical information, folk elements and Greek tradition with interactivity and modern design.


Stacking Puzzles

Unique decorative creations made of wood in the form of puzzles. Vibrant colors and modern design will add a special item to your space



Interactive decorative collections based on Greek island architecture. Change their structure and adjust them to your place.


Christmas Stacking Figures

Favorite childhood memories in the form of stacking decorative puzzles. Interactivity and design are in harmony with the spirit of Christmas