Game – Toy is called the structured activity conducted for entertainment or practiced as an educational tool.

The main factors of the game are rules, achievements, challenge and interaction. Many games help develop practical skills, may be in the form of exercise, or have an educational, simulatory or psychological character.

Wood, due to its nature is an ideal material for making children’s toys, because it retains this sense of warmth and it helps to familiarize children with natural and organic materials.


Building Blocks Toys

Rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. By combining basic shapes, children are trained in the basic principles of composition


Stacking Toys

Stacking toys develop the skills of fine mobility and balance in young children and stimulate their fantasy.


Puzzle Toys

Play with shapes, play with colors. The beginning of the educational process includes familiarizing toddlers with the concept of puzzle and composition./



Happy themed collections specially designed for children, will offer them endless hours of creative play and joy with their vivid colors and special surfaces.


Christmas Puzzle Toys

Everybody, during our childhood, we met Santa Claus with his elves and we played with the chatty snowman on a Christmas dreamland. Christmas puzzle toys that will entertain our little friends.