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10 Tips for your Children to Protect Our Planet in Every Day Life


We at Animi Wood Workshop deal with environmental issues with great sensitivity and that is why we create wooden toys and decorative objects with a positive environmental signature.

Besides this is the many simple things we can do in everyday life that make a difference in terms of protecting the environment and our planet.
Here we propose 10 easy things to try with your children today and be a planet hero!


1. Familiarize the little ones with the recycling process.

Explain the process, keep the recycling station accessible and set the examples by recycling together with them.


2. Use of low value creative materials.

Egg cartons, paper towel rolls, glass jars and cans of soft drinks are materials that can be used for creative play and creation of beautiful decorations and toys.


3. Avoid unnecessary packaging.

In order to limit household waste try to buy items like beans, granola and other snacks in bulk rather than pre-packaged boxes.


4. Use the public libraries.

Not only in terms of knowledge and discovering new books, but many offer books with instructions for creative play.


5. Get out the house & play.

Natural environments are the best playgrounds. Encourage your children to play outside as often as they can in order to familiarize and develop a sense of love and respect for nature.


6. Energy saving.

Switch of the lights and other electrical devises if unnecessary. Explain to your children that by saving energy we help reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants and conserve the earth’s natural resources.


7. Bring nature to your house.

Create a spot in our house probably a table where children can bring their finds from the outdoors. Use a magnifying glass or a microscope and let them explore their treasures in-depth.


8. Take care of the animals.

Teach your children to take care of the animals and especially the homeless ones. Contact with the animals helps children develop emotionally and raises awareness on the environmental issues


9. Join voluntarily clean-up days.

Many nonprofit organizations organize clean-up days for seas, parks, neighborhoods etc. Join their cause and help clean-up the public areas. Take your garbage bag with your child and help the world to be a cleaner and healthier place for everybody.


10. Grow your food.

Start a small garden in your yard or in your farm. Eating what we produce is healthier and at the same time children observe and familiarize with the natural process of growing from seed to plant.


If you have more ideas share them and help preserve our planet!