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3 sustainable & interactive toys for your child


We at Animi Wood Workshop believe in interactivity and sustainability. Motor toys and open ended toys are the best to encourage children’s imagination, help them to develop their fine mobility and educational skills and can be played for a long period of the child’s life from 10 months to 10 years old. In addition, they are unique decoration elements for the children’s room and will be beautiful childhood memories,

Some of our favorite suggestions of sustainable interactive toys for your children.



Take a deep breath and dive into a world full of bubbles…

Sharks and whales, dolphins, starfishes and the rest of the marine company are ready new underwater adventures and endless hours of play. Little divers play, learn and familiarize with natural wood toys. Their original design, the variety of colors as well as the unique relief feel on the colored spots stimulate the little toddlers.

Made of natural beech wood with a particularly smooth and soft surface these pieces of marine  imaginative play toy collection will bring the underwater world into the hands of small explorers and will offer them creativity and joy.

Choose your underwater companions!!

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The ship is ready to sail!

It will travel with sun, cloudy and stormy weather. Find the way to make it continue its journey!

The basic geometrical shapes that make the stacking & balance ship toy with their different thicknesses, their vivid colors and their minimalistic design, offer the perfect opportunity for toddlers to develop their fine motor skills and sense of balance.

Joy, imagination and natural materials are combined, giving the chance for understanding and explaining the weather elements and their interaction with the sea.

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Pull on the red string and the wooden horse toy will follow you in the most exciting stories and adventures. A cheerful push & pull toy inspired by the story of the Trojan Horse made with vivid colors perfect for ready-to-walk young explores in their first steps into a world of entertainment and joy.

Joy, imagination and natural materials combine, while giving children the best chance to get to know the fantastic world of Greek mythology and the most famous stories ever told.

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